The Fario NT8 Serie – Single Hand Half Wells Grip

The Fario NT8 Serie – Single Hand Half Wells Grip

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The ultimate fishing- and casting experience, and now with a more classic Half Wells handle in the two lighter models. Fario NT8’s smooth action and the fact that they are made of Silica Nano Matrix give you uncompromised sensitivity, line control and blank strength in all aspects of your fishing. 25-year original owner warranty.

Fario NT8 is built with Silica Nano-Resin reinforcing technology which reduces rod weight and increases the strength in the carbon fibres. The blank is built from IM8-T46 High Tensile carbon. This design helped us achieve a rod action that was impossible until now! In these rods you get the full package with features for the most various trout fishing situations, no compromise! The rods are very precise and light in hand. A ¾ deep action with lightning-fast recovery speed connects you with the whole blank from the shortest to the longest line length managed.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 90 × 10 × 10 cm
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A specific rod action and speed will influence the whole presentation of a fly cast. It has a major influence on the turnover of your leader. Rods that are too fast and stiff have a tendency to not be able to deliver that perfect presentation. The Fario NT8 has a delicacy and presentation par excellence. Perfect for sophisticated trout fishers who know there is no margin for error when a hatch is on! The Fario NT8 fits a wide range of casting styles and skill sets. They are easy to cast and deadly accurate rigid rods. The #4 and #5wt models are fantastic rods for delicate dry fly and nymph fishing. They will protect the thinnest tippets while playing that trophy fish.

    • Half Wells grip, custom designed and manufactured from Super Grade cork in Portugal.
    • Available in two models; 9´ #4 and 9´ #5.
    • Carbon Gray blanks in semi-matte satin finish.
    • Lightweight Titanium coated single leg guides.
    • Fuji KW stripper guide.
    • Aluminum reel seat components with a cspacer that simulates the graphite material in the rods.
    • NT8 rods are delivered with a lightweight, cushioned air-mesh bag in strong and light PolyCarbonate tubes.


NT8 Nano-resin has a silica-based MATRIX. Conventional CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) has a tube-oriented structure, where individual molecules have high physical properties. When these are applied into the prepreg (pre-impregnated composite fibers) used to make sports and leisure products, they show irregularities. Some are strong and some are fragile. They also have an unfavorable length to width ratio (15:1). As a result, it’s difficult to fill empty space in the resin and between carbon fibers. Our SILICA Nano MATRIX contains spherical nanoparticles that penetrate evenly between carbon fibers, increasing the cohesion of the carbon fiber to achieve remarkable strength.

Making a strong blank while making it extremely light is the ultimate goal of the fishing rod development. In a standard manufacturing process, a rod runs the risk of breaking too easily if it is light and with thin walls. It also often becomes too heavy if it is built to be strong. The properties and the performance in our NT8 rods are difficult to imitate by ordinary manufacturers. We only use the best available materials together with the best available manufacturing technologies to achieve an ideal structure in the blanks. Nearly half of the resin content in our NT8 rods is made up of Nano-Spheres, which is an excellent insurance for a state of the art product.