The DDC Connect Multi Tips

The DDC Connect Multi Tips

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The Connect lines have our popular DC (Direct Contact) core for better bite detection and control when casting. The Floating Bellies comes with 15’ long Floating-S1/ S2 & S4/S5 Tips in a wallet. The Intermediate Bellies are configured with 15’ long Intermediate, S2/S3 & S5/S6 Tips in a wallet. All Tips are looped and connect easily to the main belly.

So versatile, so easy to use, so effective and so much fun casting! This kind of set-up is proving to be more and more used all over Europe and in the US as well. Choose it in one of two main configurations with either a floating or an Intermediate main belly with included extra tips and a wallet. As you go along, you can choose to make it complete by buying extra spare tips with sink speeds down to Sink 6/7 and an extra Sink2 Belly to really get your fly down deep when needed. This gives you endless possibilities to combine and find the exact rig for your specific fishing situation.

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#8/9 9,5 meters/31 feet 21 grams/324 grains. Tip only = 7 g
#8/9 11,0 meters/36 feet 31 grams/478 grains. Tip only = 8 g
#9/10 11,5 meters/38 feet 35 grams/540 grains. Tip only = 10 g
#10/11 12,0 meters/39 feet 42 grams/617 grains. Tip only = 12 g