LPX Chrome – Switch

LPX Chrome – Switch

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The LPX Chrome Switch fly rods feature a brand-new rod action that connects you with the cast in a totally new way. C.A.P M4.0™ technology delivers ultra-light blanks with superb stability and response.

LPX Chrome fly rods are designed and built with a brand-new Guideline rod action. They have a ¾ deep load and power that kicks in earlier in the cast without sacrificing the speed in the rods. They have a lightness, stability and responsiveness that connect you with the cast in a totally new way. These 11’7’’ switch rods are small, super light double handers made for double hand casting. A perfect tool for hunting large seatrout, salmon, or steelhead. LPX Chrome are premium rods stacked full of features, rarely seen at these prices.


The secret behind the distinct rod action is our C.A.P M4.0™ technology, an advanced carbon layup that creates a unique rod flex, that has it all. The action is best described as medium fast, progressive with fast recovery. The tip section has great stability for setting sharpen loops and the power to lift heavy sinking lines. During casting you easily get connected to the lower parts of the rod which delivers a remarkable kick/catapult effect in the stop, this lets you deliver long casts with hardly any power. The unique side-stability in LPX Chrome make the fly line follow the rod extremely well when you swing and rotate the rod during the cast. Leading to more precise casting, higher line speed and cleaner loops. A truly new action that will set the standard for our future fly rods.


The LPX Chrome 11’7” has FLOR grade quality cork grips with rubber-cork reinforcements to stand the test of time and hard days on the water. For fly line of choice, we recommend our compact 3D+ shooting head series and the 4D Compact Body and Tip concept.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 85 × 5 × 5 cm
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LPX Chrome


LPX Chrome SW 11’7” #6/7 – The tool for smaller rivers, low water and delicate presentations. Perfect when a stealthy approach is the key to success rather than throwing long casts with heavy rigs. A great rod for migratory trout, seatrout, steelhead and salmon. For a fly line of choice, we recommend our 3D+ Compact lines.


LPX Chrome SW 11’7” #7/8 – Probably the most versatile switch rod in the series. It has a bit more back-bone than the 6/7. But still an ultra-light, responsive and super user-friendly double hander. For a fly line of choice, we recommend our 3D+ Compact lines.


LPX Chrome SW 11’7” #8/9 – A perfect rod when hunting big fish with light tackle. A true small double hander that can manage it all. Extremely light, yes plenty of power to handle sinking lines and larger flies. One of our favorits! For a fly line of choice, we recommend our 3D+ Compact lines.


• C.A.P M4.0 advanced blank construction technology.
• Medium Fast action with a blank construction that generates a fast recovery speed.
• Versatile rod action that manages all types of lines.
• Super light rods with low swing-weight that lets you fish long brutal hours in search of Chrome without fatigue.
• Glossy coated deep Teal/Grey colored blanks with matching Teal wrappings.
• FLOR grade quality cork grips with rubber-cork reinforcements to stand the test of time and hard days on the water.
• Matte-Grey/Teal hard anodized reel seats with “CHROME logo” to ensure thickest and hardest layer of protective anodizing possible.
• Lightweight and corrosion-resistant Titanium stripper guides with zirconia inserts.
• Guides are single leg and PVD coated in a semi-matte gun smoke finish. Strong finish without toxic lead.
• Delivered with recycled polyester rod bag in a strong Polypropylene tube that also has a recycled polyester fabric cover.
• GL ECO-Tech ™, no grinding of blanks that produce harmful dust at production facility.
• Low Toxic Resins: Glues and varnish on the rods have a very low content of harmful substances, which leads to a healthier worker’s environment.



C.A.P M4.0™ gives spectacular performance with flawless recovery and unique precision. C.A.P Technology features a Complex Axial Pattern (CAP) paired with unidirectional carbon fiber layups. In CAP, layers of carbon fibers are placed in varying angles to each other to maximize strength and stability in all directions. In a unidirectional non-woven carbon pattern, all fibres run in a single, parallel direction ensuring maximum strength lengthwise. M4.0 ™ is the resin we use in this type of blank construction. The properties of this resin fill the gaps in the carbon cloth more effective than normal resins and has greater strength. It also decreases the overall need for resin in blank construction. Resulting in lighter rods than ever before

Model Lenght Class Weight Parts Handle front/back Rec. head weight
LPX Chrome SW 11767 11´7″ #6/7 DH 160 g 4 pc 260 mm / 90 mm 24-26g / 375-420 grains
LPX Chrome SW 11778 11´7″ #7/8 DH 163 g 4 pc 260 mm / 90 mm 27-30g / 416-465 grains
LPX Chrome SW 11789 11´7″ #8/9 DH 166 g 4 pc 260 mm / 90 mm 31-34g / 480-525 grains