NT11 Salmon & Seatrout 6PC

NT11 Salmon & Seatrout 6PC

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 8 × 8 cm
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NT11 fly rods are the result of taking advantage of the very latest and most sophisticated SOA (State of Art) graphite materials used in the aerospace industry today.


When applied to and used in flyrods, some remarkable benefits are achieved. The most evident effect being an amazing recovery power and crispness in the blanks, created by combining the incredible armoring and strength increasing effects of T1100G graphite with layers of the highest modulus graphite we’ve ever used in any flyrods to date. For you as an angler, the above properties are built into a series of rods that have the lowest blank weight, yet the highest break strain of any other rod in our line up and probably also on the entire flyrod market.


You’ll find these rods to be easy to operate with their full flex medium/fast action and tips that are rigid but still sensitive enough to make them lively and fun to cast without having to focus on perfect casting stroke timing all the time. They load deeper and generate increasing amounts of power and line speed when you ask for it. While still maintaining impressive lifting power for sinking lines, this deeper, yet fast type of action will work for a wide range of casts, lines and casting styles. After many years of building premium, lightweight and strong 6-piece flyrods and knowing that no sacrifices are made in performance, strength, weight or balance, we find it only natural that this new range of rods also is multi-piece and transportable in your luggage when travelling. We have worked hard and deliberately to keep the value of these rods maximized without sacrificing quality in workmanship or components.


Identified by the comfortable medium/fast full flex, these three rods behave very well with overhead as well as Scandi- and Skagit-style casting. Designed mainly for shooting head type fishing but will also work well with shorter head WF lines, such as ULS and Bullet.


12’9 #7/8 28-31 gr/430-480 grains

The lightest and shortest rod in the double hand range. It’s a pure joy to fish during endless hours on small to medium sized rivers. Often described as rods for summer fishing, this rod shows much more versatility than that. It manages all kinds of lines and easily dredges for early season sea trout that hug bottom in the deeper pools when needed. We have used both standard 3D+/4D rigs and our 3D+/4D Compact lines during the development. 4D bodies in 20 and 22gr weight matched with 12’- or 15’ Tips in 7 and 9 gr weights match beautiful with the rod.


12’9 #8/9 32-35 gr/490-540 grains

In recent years, this has been one of the most popular two hand models. Very versatile and with power to manage big fish and also larger flies that are a bit bulkier than the 7/8wt rod. This rod can also be used with both the shorter 3D+/4D+ Compact system or the longer standard 3D+/4D lines, it’s just a preference thing what you prefer. If you fish in tight situations with steep and high river banks behind you, the Compact system will be your best choice. A 34grams (25+9gr) 4D Compact Multi Tip #8/9 kit works perfect on this rod.


13’9 #8/9 32-35 gr/490-540 grains

An unexpected benefit of the new materials and construction of the NT11 rods is the extraordinary stability of the blank and its ability to eliminate rebound quickly. This became very evident when developing these longer models in each line weight. Low swing weight matched with instant stop of the blank after recovery make this rod kind of special. Like the 12’9 version, it can also be used with both the shorter 3D+/4D+ Compact system or the longer standard 3D+/4D lines, but the added length of this rod matches well with a slightly longer head. A 25gr 4D+ Compact Body matched with a standard 4D 15’/9gr tip is a great pro tip here.


13’9 #9/10 37-41 gr/570-635 grains

Possibly the most versatile of all the rods, this model is a bestseller across our ranges of Salmon rods for a reason. The NT11 version manages just about all the conditions and challenges you throw at it and it does it in style. Heavy sinking lines, tough winds, bulky flies, big fish or tight high banks and deep wading are all part of the everyday work load for this rod. It’s a fraction faster and more powerful than most of the other rods in this Series, but it felt so good like this that we left it like this. It has a great tolerance for lines, but some of our favorites are standard 4D Bodies in 29gr + 15’/11gr or even 18’/12gr Tips (The later also works great on a 29gr 4D Compact Body). You can also load the rod with a 32gr Body and 9gr tips.


14’9 #9/10 37-41 gr/570-635 grains

Another slightly longer rod that has benefited big time from the unique construction and the properties in the T1100-material. Light and well-balanced, this rod will blow you away with its direct tracking and vibration dampening properties. Casting this rod during long days of fishing is pure joy. We recommend that you use the standard 4D Bodies with either 15’/11gr or 18’/12gr tips. If you want to fish the deeper water column, the 4D S3/5 body matched with 4D S46 or 57 tip will get you down in the zone and cast like a missile.  


14’9 #10/11 43-47 gr/660-720 grains

The classic big river, big fish, larger flies rod that handles all densities of lines equally well. It has a great connection between tip and butt section, balanced with a powerful medium/fast flex that generates great line speed from the powerful recovery of the bent blank. Works great with 3D+ Heads in #10/11 (44gr) or a 4D set up with a 32gr body and 18’/12gr tip. Alternatively, a 35gr body with a 15’/11gr tip will give even more load in the rod and work just as fine. It’s all just a matter of your individual preference.


15’9 #10/11 45-50 gr/690-770 grains – PLEASE NOTE, 4 PIECE MODEL!

The Ultimate for powering out long casts in challenging places, including deep wading and steep river banks. Incredibly light in the hand, it requires only average body- arm- and rod movement to load and deliver brutally good distances. Iconic rod length and action type that has been in our line-up since the legendary LeCie rods back in 2005. Now, this NT11 rod brings in the technology of the future, elevating it to new performance highs. An absolute killer with 4D 35gr body and an 18’/12gr tip. For the Chromer fishing in high, cold water in the early season, the 4D S35 Body with a S46 or S57 Tip will deliver the goods you’re after. Please note this rod differs from the other models and are 6 pieces!


  • T1100 CAP Technology gives uncompromised strength, performance and reliability.
  • Every rod is fitted with beautiful FLOR-grade cork and on rear grips and fighting butts you’ll find powder cork reinforcement. FLOR is the top grade of cork with the highest density and strength that will stand years of usage and remain pretty.
  • Titanium lightweight framed stripping guides. Highest quality stainless steel single leg running guides with titanium coating.
  • The reel seats are custom designed by our own R&D team, having a hard anodized and very scratch resistant semi-matte finish.
  • The blanks have a matte satin finish with deep carbon grey coating that gives the rods a stealthy, classy and non-flashy look.
  • All guides are wrapped with dark grey thread and on all ferrules, stripper guides and logo areas they are finished with subtle blue trim wraps.
  • Each rod is delivered with a light and strong rod bag made from 4-ways stretch nylon and rod tubes are made from light polycarbonate with a strong polyester fabric cover and a natural leather logo patch.


NT11 rods use an ultra-elastic 46T Low Resin Material which makes it possible to create feather-light blanks with a crisp feeling that greatly improves sensitivity. Layers of T1100 graphite with extremely high tensile- and compression strength are then added both on the inside and outside of the 46T material, creating an incredibly strong wall and foundation for unmatched performance, durability and reliability in the blanks. Together with this, we use a carbon-scrim material with a proprietary CAP (Complex Axial Pattern) with 0, 45, 90 and -45 degrees, Cross Construction structure. This produces a lightning-fast recovery speed, increases the casting distance and improves the compression strength. High-strength TORAYCA NANOALLOY®-resin reinforced graphite improves the toughness and increases durability in the rods.

Casting and fish-fighting cause countless amounts of flexing and unloading of the blank, the Nano-material prevents damage due to external shocks, internal stresses or fatigue. The material properties implemented into our NT11 blanks can be described with these simple words; EXTREME DURABILITY, LOW WEIGHT and UNMATCHED RECOVERY SPEED. Making a strong blank while making it extremely light is the ultimate goal of fishing rod development. But in a standard manufacturing process, a rod runs the risk of breaking too easily if it is light and with thin walls. It also often becomes too heavy if it is built to be strong enough. The properties and the performance in our NT11 rods are difficult to imitate by ordinary manufacturers as we use the best available materials together with the best available manufacturing- and reinforcement-technologies to achieve an ideal structure in the blanks.


Model Lenght Class Weight Parts Handle front/back Rec. head weight
NT11 Salmon DH 12’9″ #7/8 172 g 6 pc 295 mm / 115 mm 28-31 g / 430-480 gr.
NT11 Salmon DH 12’9″ #8/9 176 g 6 pc 310 mm / 115 mm 32-35 g / 490-540 gr.
NT11 Salmon DH 13’9″ #8/9 202 g 6 pc 325 mm / 115 mm 32-35 g / 490-540 gr.
NT11 Salmon DH 13’9″ #9/10 204 g 6 pc 325 mm / 115 mm 37-41 g / 570-635 gr.
NT11 Salmon DH 14’9″ #9/10 232 g 6 pc 360 mm / 125 mm 37-41 g / 570-635 gr.
NT11 Salmon DH 14’9″ #10/11 238 g 6 pc 360 mm / 125 mm 43-47 g / 660-720 gr.
NT11 Salmon DH 15’9″ #10/11 258 g 4 pc 360 mm / 125 mm 45-50 g / 690-770 gr.



Fishing Type
  • Salmon & Seatrout Fishing
  • Steelhead Fishing
Rod Type Double Hand