Control 3.0

Control 3.0

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Control 3.0 is a short headed, easy to cast fly line perfect for the beginners, as a special line for short to mid distance fishing or when you have less space for back casts.

Control 3.0 is made with the novice/intermediate caster in mind. It is design to generate high line speed and easy contact with the rod. Learning the double haul is a lot easier with shorter head lines like this. Control is suitable for fishing with all kinds of flies and are great for both river- and lake fishing. The taper reminds a lot of the Fario Tactical, but is a bit shorter and therefor, even easier to manage for all level of casters. This fly line combines a great price and value, perfect for small to medium sized rivers. It is also a great tool for fishing where you have less space for back casts.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 12 × 3 cm
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Control 3.0 is a modern WF line with a short head length, featuring a long, continuous front taper backed by a shorter, level belly section that produces a noticeable load in the line. A medium length back taper improves the ease of handling. A further help for the good line control is the 3m long handling line between the back taper and the running line. This section makes it possible to hold a bit more than the head length outside the rod tip without loosing control when you cast.



The front taper is 5,1 meters in a #5 wt and ensures good transition of power and delicate presentations. The belly is 2.0 m and the back taper is 1,8 m. The main weight of the line is towards the back which makes it load the rod perfectly on all distances. It also has a short back taper that makes the line very suitable for spey casts. Control 3.0 has a buoyant coating that result in a good floatability. It’s slick and easy to shoot. It has dual colors for easy identification of the transition between head and running line. The line is fitted with small factory-made loops in both ends and has a printed ID marking about 50 cm up from the tip. Color is a Pale Lime Green head with a Sky Grey shooting line.

Model Density Head Lenght Head Weight Color Total Lenght
Control 3.0 WF #4 Float 8,75 m / 28,7 ft 9 g  / 140 grains Pale Lime/Sky Grey 25 m / 27,5 yds
Control 3.0 WF #5 Float 8,75 m / 28,7 ft 11 g / 170 grains Pale Lime/Sky Grey 25 m / 27,5 yds
Control 3.0 WF #6 Float 8,75 m / 28,7 ft 13 g / 200 grains Pale Lime/Sky Grey 25 m / 27,5 yds
Control 3.0 WF #7 Float 9,25 / 30,3 ft 15,5 g / 235 grains Pale Lime/Sky Grey 27,5 m / 30 yds
Control 3.0 WF #8 Float 9,25 / 30,3 ft 17,5 g / 270 grains Pale Lime/Sky Grey 27,5 m / 30 yds